The Benefits of TOD Lifestyle Pioneered by Manhattan Gardens

The 18-tower Manhattan Gardens at Araneta City remains to be one of the most sought-after Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) in the country. Being one of the pioneering communities that promote TOD lifestyle in Metro Manila, it has transformed into an address that is synonymous to luxury and convenience. Inspired by the successful TOD concept in New York City, as well as the neighboring Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok in Thailand, the high-rise condominium community is integrated with efficient mass transportation systems that help improve the overall wellbeing of its residents.


Today, almost every major developer has attempted to build residential developments beside or near each transport hub such as train stations and bus terminals. But the fact remains that being at the crossroads of MRT-3 and LRT-2 puts Manhattan Gardens at a premium advantage to many aspects. Here are some of the benefits of living in a TOD like Manhattan Gardens:


Unbeatable Accessibility


From the towers of Manhattan Gardens, residents will just have to walk along the garden walkways at the 4th level and pass through the interconnecting footbridges until they reach Gateway Mall where they can hop on to the LRT-2 Station along Aurora Boulevard. This railway can quickly bring students to the topnotch academic institutions in the University Belt of Manila as well as in Quezon City. LRT-2 has also been extended to Antipolo City, allowing explorers to have a jump-off point in their adventures in the nature-rich Rizal province. Furthermore, LRT-2 Anonas Station, which is one station away from Araneta City, will be linked to the future Metro Manila Subway that connects to NAIA and other key destinations.


MRT-3 also has a station at Araneta City, providing residents of Manhattan Gardens a fast and convenient transportation option going to the major CBDs of Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City. This line is also linked to the LRT-1, and will be connected as well to other train lines such as the MRT-7 and MRT-4, adding more destinations that can be swiftly reached by commuting. Araneta City also offers a wide array of other transport hubs such as city buses, provincial buses, express vans and modernized e-jeepneys. The accessibility and mobility of residents going to and from essential places are truly unbeatable when they live at Manhattan Gardens, saving time, money and energy that are commonly wasted because of congested traffic.


Strong Leasing Potential


With such a strategic location where numerous transport systems converge, the potential for the residential units at Manhattan Gardens to be rented out is irrefutably high. Let it be university students coming from different provinces, or young professionals working within Araneta City or nearby central business districts, tenants would be easy to find and you, as the lessor, can possibly command for high rental rates—thus, guaranteeing you a steady flow of returns on your investment.


Market Value Appreciation


As your neighborhood in Araneta City continues to evolve with more new exciting developments on their way, and with upcoming infrastructure projects such as the Metro Manila Subway to look forward to in the next few years, the increase in the market values of TODs like Manhattan Gardens is projected and highly anticipated. Thus, there is no other better time to invest for a transit-oriented real estate property but today.


Safe and Healthy Well-Being


Everybody aspires for a stress-free lifestyle. Living in a centrally located address that lets you get rid of congested traffic because of the available transportation options will surely allow you to achieve this. Furthermore, Manhattan Gardens offers you a garden-inspired setting filled with world-class recreational amenities for your relaxation and wellness. With everything within your close reach, you can conveniently walk which can become your exercise. Walking has been proven to be a beneficial physical activity that is good for your heart and blood circulation.


On top of your condo’s 24/7 security, the entire Araneta City is tightly protected by private guards and the police stationed in strategic spots at the shopping malls, transport hubs and all other establishments. Surveillance cameras are also installed in almost all corners of the community—all for your safety.


Positive Impact in the Environment


Railways such as the MRT-3, LRT-2 and the upcoming Metro Manila Subway do not consume diesel or gasoline that may emit harmful gases which are dangerous to your health and damaging to the environment. Buses and jeepneys are also being converted now to eco-friendly vehicles that utilize renewable sources of energy, therefore helping in lessening the carbon footprint. Being a resident in a TOD is one sustainable way of contributing to the preservation of our environment.


Be part of this transit-oriented address in the heart of Araneta City. Learn your home options at Manhattan Gardens by calling (02) 8810-3333 or sending an email to You may also follow the official social media pages and accounts of Manhattan Gardens for more updates and special offers.

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