Quick and Convenient Ride to the Airport from Araneta City

The dilemma of traffic congestion has become chronic in Metro Manila. Driving and commuting have been costing too much time, energy and money. What more if you have a flight to catch—you must really allot ample time for you not to be late at the airport, or else, the hassle of missing your flight will surely mess everything up. After all, our very own NAIA is one of the most poorly connected airports; direct links to train lines like in Singapore and Hong Kong are not yet available.


But instead of hailing a taxi which might be difficult during rush hours, or booking a transport network vehicle which will surely be a lot expensive, the residents of Manhattan Gardens at Araneta City can now conveniently ride a premium bus going directly to the four terminals of the airport—and that’s right at their doorsteps. Passengers from neighboring Quezon City areas who are also bound to the airport can ride this too as an alternative transport.


The UBE Express point-to-point buses with route to and from NAIA have regular trip schedules almost every other hour (please verify subsequent changes). Its current pick-up and drop-off point is along Times Square Avenue across Shopwise, right beside the residential block of Manhattan Plaza. Current residents of the 3-tower Manhattan Parkway, the 3-tower Manhattan Parkview, the 4-tower Manhattan Heights, and Manhattan Plaza Tower 1, can simply go down their elevators with their luggage and traveling bags, and conveniently walk towards the bus station. Upon completion of the entire 18-tower Manhattan Gardens at Araneta City, all four residential phases will be interconnected by footbridges at the 4th level and airport-bound residents can simply pass through Manhattan Plaza and go down to the terminal.


The P2P bus ride currently costs PHP 100, which is way cheaper than taking TNVs or taxis. The buses are also equipped with Wi-Fi connection, GPS and CCTVs, all for the convenience and safety of the passengers. Despite the fact that domestic and international flights have just been gradually resuming after months of lockdown, many people already desire to satisfy their wanderlust and long overdue travel goals. But above anything else, health protocols and new normal practices will be strictly implemented in riding the said buses.


Fast-forward to 2026, traveling to the airport will become a lot comfortable and commuter-friendly as we anticipate the completion of the so-called “project of the century” under the Build Build Build program. The 36-kilometer Metro Manila Subway will not only be the first underground rapid transit in the Philippines, but also the first to be directly connected to NAIA. The latest masterplan for this subway system will include stations at NAIA Terminals 1, 2 and 3, and one of the planned stations, the Anonas Station along Aurora Boulevard, will be just a stone’s throw away from Manhattan Gardens.


Residents of Manhattan Gardens can simply pass through the elevated walkways within its garden community, take another footbridge from “The Link” at Manhattan Parkview traversing New Frontier Theater and Gateway Mall, and from there they can already ride LRT-2. Taking the LRT-2 eastbound, they will simply alight after one stop because LRT-2 Anonas Station is already the next one. From the LRT-2 station, there will be a transfer concourse going down to the subway station—and in a few minutes, they can already reach the airport.


Before taking your quick and convenient ride to the airport, you can first have some delicious meals or grab your favorite drinks in a multitude of restaurants, cafés and food outlets within Araneta City. You can even do some last-minute shopping in the various malls in your neighborhood if you think you missed some must-haves for your trip.


These options for traveling to the airport are just a few of the numerous transportation choices a resident of Manhattan Gardens can take within Araneta City. Going to other destinations such as business districts, schools, lifestyle hubs, and even tourist spots, will always be comfortable and convenient through transport systems such as MRT-3, LRT-2, express vans, modernized jeepneys, and city and provincial buses, all converging at the Araneta City.


Learn more about the transit-oriented lifestyle that awaits you in Manhattan Gardens at Araneta City. Visit our showroom at Gateway Mall and Ali Mall, or call (02) 8810-3333 to book an appointment. You may also visit our official social media accounts for more updates and promos.


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